The Highest Paid Game Show Winners In History – Their Bank Account Balance Went From Zero To A Million In 5 Mins

These regular people went on a game show when their lives changed forever. They are the highest paid game show winners in history. The amount of money they won will blow your mind! Some have invested their money wisely and kept a safe saving account and are still rich (with a lot of money in their bank account) while others went bankrupt. Wait until you hear the sums of money won by these lucky few.

Brad Rutter won $4.5 million on Jeopardy!game show

When it comes to the king of Jeopardy! there is one answer: Brad Rutter. He is yet to lose to another contestant and keeps racking up more money. How is he so good? When he was younger he ran a local television show that quizzed high school students with trivia questions. With his vast knowledge of trivia, he has participated in many other game shows including Million Dollar Mind Game which he also won. After saving his money and investing millions of dollars in the stock market, he decided to put his game show days behind him in order to pursue his passion for acting. He doesn’t look like he’s going into debt anytime soon.

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