When you’re a senior citizen, it’s important to know how to invest your money. Investing as a senior has some important differences than when you’re younger. However, we’ve got some great tips for you that will help you invest in your golden years, retirement, and beyond. However, there are many common mistakes to avoid. We’ve got a list for you to review, seniors.

Investments For Seniors

Many people tell seniors to avoid investing in the stock market due to its high risk and volatility. Instead people suggest investing in safer investment tools such as bonds and Certificates of Deposit (CDs). However, this may not always be financially sound advice. Recently, CD and bond rates have been incredibly low. Since the interest rates are so low, you won’t be making much income off of it. Investing in a diversified stock market portfolio could be much more attractive if it is managed properly. You are looking at much bigger interest rates when using these financial tools.

One thing that senior citizens don’t have working for them anymore is time. As such, they much use an active investing strategy. This means watching their money closely, since a big downturn in the stock market could make you lose more of your wealth. Seniors are more susceptible to this financial risk, since they don’t have the time to earn it back over time as the market corrects itself.



One of the most common mistakes we see is seniors not planning for their retirement. As a senior, you must make sure you have enough money to support yourself once you stop making money. While it’s impossible to know how much money is needed, you can estimate a range. The important key here is to factor in common senior life events and how financially stable you feel. Remember that you will need money for future health concerns. Additionally, medicine keeps improving which increases your life expectancy. This can mean you mean more time to save.

Even with Medicare, you still need to budget for considerable medical expenses that come out of your pocket. Thus, it’s important that you have a good retirement plan picked out, and you’re regularly contributing to your portfolio. Your senior self with thank you.

Family and friends

In your senior years, it is common to financially help family and friends. This can look like anything from helping your children go to school to buying their first house. While this is a very kind and generous act. It’s important to ensure that your fiances are in order to do this. If you can’t support yourself later on it life, you’re not going to be helping your situation by giving away money before you need it.

Now that you’ve read these investing tips and mistakes, you should have a better idea of how to invest as a senior. Senior citizens must be mindful of their investment tactics, but it can also be some of the most rewarding years of your life.